Always the Comedian

One thing about Kaitlyn is that she is always brutally honest.  Ask her a question, she gives you her answer.  Sometimes her answer is completely unrelated to the question, but it is a small glimpse into her thought processes.

She is also quite the funny child, and I don’t think that she is necessarily always trying to be.  Again, it is just her stating whatever it was that popped into her head at that given moment.

We have had two such comedic moments in the last week or so, and I figured I would share them.

The first happened when we were in Avon Park for Amber’s family reunion.  We were sitting outside of Amber’s Granny’s house with Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn’s Papa and Gran.  Kaitlyn had the idea to play the game “I Spy,” so we went along with her.  When it got to be my turn to spy a color, I chose to spy something gray.  No sooner had I spied something gray did Kaitlyn come back with, “My daddy’s hair!”  That, of course, brought uncontrolled laughter from everybody.

The second brush with Kaitlyn’s comic genius happened Tuesday when Amber picked her up from the Sprague’s house.  As they were driving home, the following exchange took place:  Kaitlyn: “I wish I had a Disney princess for a mom.”  Amber: “What about me?”  Kaitlyn (while rolling her eyes): “Uggh, I want a new one when you turn 100.”

There really is never a dull moment around here.


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