Seeing Is Believing

Over the past few months, I have written on here a few times (here and here) about our participation in Mircale Sports, and the impact it has had not only on Kaitlyn, but also on Amber and I.

We have enjoyed every minute of our Miracle Sports experience, from the local schools showing up in the spring for baseball, to the FSU Men’s Basketball team showing up a few weeks ago during basketball season.  Having Kaitlyn participate in such a tremendous league has been great for her.  Usually, she is a little shy and reserved, and not a fan of meeting new people, but at Mircale, all bets are off.  She can be as open as she wants in a very safe environment.  She has even dropped me as her “buddy” during basketball season in favor of somebody more fun.  That’s ok with me because it gives me a chance to work with even more kids.

I know at least some in my family read what I write, and last week, my mom got to see firsthand what I have been telling her for the last few months about the impact of inclusion for kids with disabilites.  She was at my nephew’s softball game last weekend, and one of the kids in one of the Cub Scout packs is in a wheelchair.  But, he had the chance to participate in the game.  The way she described his reaction when he got a hit (with the help of his mom), is exactly what we see every week.  She called to tell me that now she understands what I mean when I say how great Miracle Sports is.  It is all about the smiles on the faces.  For her, seeing with her own eyes cemented her belief in the power of programs like Miracle Sports.

If you get a chance, try to find your local Miracle League.  They are probably always looking for volunteer buddies.  If not, they are surely always in need of fans cheering on the athletes.  You will be positively impacted the very first day, I promise.


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