Today we had our third, and hopefully final, installment of evaluation for Kaitlyn before she starts kindergarten next month.  I have to admit, we are getting to the point where we could administer the parent side of the evaluations after having been asked to fill out the same questionnaire and having been asked the same questions so many times.  Talk about being thorough!

We were, of course, early for our appointment this morning.  When we showed up, the woman that was working with Kaitlyn came out and introduced herself, and right after her, the woman that would be interviewing us came out.

We were escorted to an office and our interview began, while Kaitlyn was off to be evaluated.  Lucky for her, most of her evaluations consist of playing and drawing and interacting with her evaluator; ours is straight question and answer.

As promised before we started, we were done before lunch.  Our interview took a solid two and a half hours, and we figured Kaitlyn was still back being evaluated when we walked to the lobby.  We were wrong.  Apparently, Kaitlyn had been done for quite some time and was waiting on us.

Spending two and a half hours recalling not only the last 5 years but also parts of the last 7 years is mentally exhausting.  Amber and I both walked out of there feeling like we had taken the SAT.  I appreciate that they were so thorough and got as in-depth as they did.  I want no stone to be unturned when it comes to making sure we give Kaitlyn the absolute best chance to succeed when she starts school.

We will have to wait about two weeks or so before the report is complete and they are ready to review the results with us.  I am anxious to hear what strategies they suggest to us to help Kaitlyn reach her full potential in school, and what they suggest to the school district as far as services they will have to provide.

Every day since Kaitlyn’s Asperger’s diagnosis has been an opportunity to educate ourselves, and we are getting the most out of every opportunity.  We have gained so much of an understanding of autism and Asperger’s, and understand Kaitlyn so much better today than we did this time last year.  I am happy that the roller-coaster ride of emotions we have been on since February is going to take a much-needed break here in just a little bit, but I know that the ride will start again in earnest once school starts.  Amber and I have learned so much about ourselves, and the best part is that we are only at the beginning.


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  1. You forgot to write that she commented on how well you and I feed off each other 🙂 just in case anyone cared!

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