Round Three

One thing is certain: by the time Kaitlyn starts kindergarten next month, she will be one of the most evaluated/observed/tested children in the school district.  In our seemingly endless attempt at getting her placed in the best possible learning environment, we are faced with another round of observation/evaluation.

I’ve written numerous times about our ongoing battle with the school district, including our partial win in getting Kaitlyn to a school where we feel she will be the most successful.  I’ve written about the “experts” at the school district having to do their observation (here), and how I felt that observation went (here).  Since her observation by the school district in late May, we have patiently been waiting for our call to come review the results.

Finally last week, I got a phone call from the screening office.  I let myself think that we were finally moving toward a conclusion, and I was wrong.  Margo, the nice woman that called me, informed me that Kaitlyn required even more in-depth observation before they could make a determination.  Luckily for us, they referred us to people who will have more of clue of what they are doing; we were referred to the Multidisciplinary Center at FSU.  Once we finally agreed on an observation date (tomorrow), I was told that Amber and I would be receiving in the mail a pre-screening form to fill out about Kaitlyn.  The form was similar to the one we filled out before our initial diagnosis, and our answers did not change.  One part of the form struck both Amber and I as somewhat comical, and that was the back page that listed 300 or so words that children Kaitlyn’s age should be able to say spontaneously (for the most part); it asked that we circle the ones she knew and could recite, and left 5 blanks for any additional words.  I was really not in the mood to circle the words individually, so I went ahead and circled the whole page…I hope they get the message that she has quite the expansive vocabulary.

Anyway, tomorrow is round three of observation/testing for Kaitlyn in the last few months (her initial diagnosis and the “experts” being the other two).  I am not expecting any sort of groundbreaking news to come from tomorrow’s testing, at least nothing more than was in our original diagnosis back in February.  My biggest fear about the testing is that they will go over the results with us and tell us that Kaitlyn will be in third grade next month.  In other words, they are not going to tell us anything we don’t already know, and will hopefully affirm our original assertion that she does in fact require additional services.  I think that the school district is wasting my time in an effort to get out of having to put her on an IEP or 504 plan and then be required to provide transportation for Kaitlyn to school.  Maybe I am wrong about that, but in my dealings with them so far, nothing leads me to believe that I am too far off base.

Stay tuned….


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