No Party Affiliation

Senate Bill 1094, the Combating Autism Authorization Act (more here) is still just sort of sitting out there, looking for support.   In recent weeks, more and more Senators have gotten on board in support, including Senator Schumer (D-NY).  The bill is a bi-partisan effort to extend funding for autism research. 

Autism spectrum disorders know no party affiliation.  ASD does not care if you come from a Democratic or Republican family.  It is frustrating that more of our representatives have not shown their support yet.  It defies logic in my book.

Today, I called the office of both Florida Senators.  Bill Nelson’s office assured me that he would be supporting the bill soon.  Marco Rubio’s office did not answer, so I left a message asking when his support would come.

I will be calling each office at least weekly until they are on board.  Senator Nelson can be reached at 202-224-5274 and Senator Rubio can be reached at 202-224-3041.  I plan on being persistent with each of them until they show their support.


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