A nice surprise

The routine/schedule we have in place works for all of us:  Amber can get to work early, I can make it to work in plenty of time, and Kaitlyn knows what is going to happen each and every day.  Afternoons work the same way:  Amber gets off before me and can pick Kaitlyn up, and I can finish up at work…it really is a win/win for everyone.

Because Kaitlyn is such a routine-based child, we try not to stray from her morning and afternoon drop-off and pickup without letting her know ahead of time.  It is the best way to avoid meltdowns most of the time, except when she forgets to tell us that she was expecting a change and we did not accomodate her.  I think maybe she just assumes that we know what she is thinking all the time.

Today, however, we decided to change things up on Kaitlyn without telling her.  This could have gone one of two ways:  she would have freaked out because I was picking her up, or she would have been really excited to see me.  Fortunately for me, she was excited to see me.  She had an awesome day at her camp, except for touching the crocodile, and she was really happy that I was the one picking her up, although she did ask when we were leaving if I didn’t like 4:30 since that is when her mommy picks her up.  I had to explain to her that she was riding home with me today, and she was good to go.

Both Kaitlyn and I had a nice surpise today.  She got the surprise of having her daddy pick her up, and I had the surprise of her being really excited to see me.  I was a little nervous that she would panic just a little and have a meltdown, but she didn’t.  Daily life with an Aspie is full of surprises, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.



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