Better than expected

Week one of summer camp is in the books, and it went way better than I expected.  Kaitlyn was excited to go every morning, except for Wednesday (more on that in a second), and has adjusted wonderfully.  Of course, Amber and I know that all that means is that we had one good week; Kaitlyn is just as likely to not want to go to camp at all next week as she is to be excited about going.  One thing is a certainty though, and that is she comes homes exhaused every day, so I have to say thanks to the counselors at the Junior Museum for keeping her going all day and wearing her out.  There was only one brief moment on the way to camp this week that she even mentioned going to her old school, and I quickly changed the subject and she seemed to forget all about it..although she still remembers that some of the kids at the school teased her relentlessly and she is not too happy about it (honestly, Amber and I are happy that none of the kids from that school will be at the same school as her next year).

About Wednesday:  Kaitlyn woke up just flat out worn out.  Two days of non-stop activity in the heat and humidity did a number on her.  She could barely keep her eyes open as she laid on the couch before getting ready.  We got her dressed (more specifically Amber got her dressed and brushed her hair because let’s face it, I know very little about brushing hair effectively) and she just dragged around the house.  Before I knew it, she was passed out on the couch again.  It was about time to go, so I got her up and put her socks and shoes on, and before she could even stand back up, her hands were over her mouth holding some of her breakfast in.  Luckily she made it to the dining room before she let loose, and I got her to the bathroom to finish off round one of vomit for the day.  Right then, camp was off for the day.  Fortunately, Amber was able to come home and stay with her, although I was certainly willing (Kaitlyn likes to have her mom there when she is sick).  Except for getting up a few times to expel more of her stomach contents, Kaitlyn slept most of the morning and was bouncing around by the time I got home from work.  It seems she was just beat and was probably overcome by the heat and humidity.  She was a little upset that she missed camp because it was the first water day of the summer, but she was no worse for wear the rest of the week.

Each day brings something new for us.  We continue to learn and to adapt to her Asperger’s.  We do our best to make her life as great as we can, and do not allow her Asperger’s to be an excuse for anything…it is the reason for so many things, but never an excuse.  She keeps us laughing and on our toes, and can have a 180-degree shift in mood every other second.  We have a special and amazing daughter, and grow more thankful everyday that she teaches us so much.  Her Asperger’s has been a blessing for us by teaching us so much about ourselves as people and parents and by expanding our knowledge.


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