Looking good so far

Two days in, and the summer camp experiment is looking like a success.  With Kaitlyn, things can change at the drop of a hat (literally.  She has had meltdowns after dropping her hat), so two successful days at summer camp barely qualifies as a complete success.  However, everything seems to be pointing in that direction.

She was really excited after her first day of camp, and came home tired and rather dirty.  She played hard and participated in the activities of the day.  I was curious about how day two would go.

Day two got off to a great start.  Usually in the mornings, we will watch a few segments of the Today show, and if it’s not broken, no need to fix it.  During school, when the TV was turned off, Kait would grab her bags and head to the door.  Today was way different.  Today when the TV went off, she exclaimed, “time to go to camp!” and bounced toward the door.  She had fun on her “hike” today and seems to be happy with her new friends, and not missing her old ones….yet.  Amber and I both know it may be months before she remembers that she does not have the same friends, but for now, we are happy that she is enjoying herself.


2 responses

  1. If I have anymore snakes cross my path, you will be dropping her off and picking her up! 🙂

  2. Just keep the shovel in the trunk and everything will be ok.

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