Glad that’s over

Well, we cleared another hurdle today and Kaitlyn was evaluated by the school district.  We won’t know the results for about a month or so, at which time we should also know which, if any, services they qualified her for.  I would think that they will tell us that she will qualify for the services they originally denied, but then again, it is the school district.

The morning did not get off to a great start.  I had written down, because it is what was confirmed, that we started at 8.  Me being me, I had Kaitlyn there 10 minutes early.  Apparently, 8 means 9 to these people, but I was told by the “friendly” person that checked us in that maybe they would start us earlier.  Gee, thanks for doing me the favor of starting “early” when you are late.  So we sat in the lobby for about 45 minutes while Kaitlyn and I drew pictures.

The first person we met was the developmental evaluator (I’m sure she had a title, but I did not catch it).  She is a very nice lady and went over what was going to happen.  A few minutes later, the speech therapist came down and introduced herself.  At around 9, Kait headed into to testing with the speech person while the developmental person interviewed me; she had most of the answer in the clinical diagnosis we sent over, but I guess she had procedures to follow, so I went along.  When we were done, she joined the speech person with Kait.  At about 9:45, the speech person was done and came to talk to me, leaving Kait with the developmental person.

And then I sat for a while.  The speech person came by a few more times, stopping once to see how I was doing.  She expressed surprise that they were still going.  I am not sure whether or not that is a good thing, but I want to think that she was making the developmental lady earn her money.  In the end, a test that was supposed to take a hour lasted right at an hour and a half.  In the short debriefing we had afterwards, the comment was made that Kait just impressed them with some of the things she could do..again more stuff that was in the clinical diagnosis.

At this point, I am not sure what is going to happen when we meet in a month or so.  Did they see enough?  Did they ask the right questions?  Can they actually interpret the clinical diagnosis?

I can say that I left happy that Kait was observed by the ladies she was.  Another little boy was being evaluated at the same time by a lady with no personality or patience; she actually cut her portion short and then suggested holding off on the speech part for another day because the boy “has plenty of things to learn” about interactions.  Amazing.


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