Big day

Tomorrow is a big day for Kaitlyn.  We will be up bright and early so that she can be evaluated/observed by the people at the school district.  While we have already achieved part of our desired goal, there are still some obstacles that need to be overcome.

Kaitlyn will be tested in three areas tomorrow, with each test scheduled to last about an hour.  At least that is what they block out for most children.  When we received confirmation of the observation, the person I spoke with told me that I could plan on it taking a little longer because Kaitlyn’s clinical diagnosis shows her to be quite complex.  I guess that is a good thing.

I’m not sure quite how long it will be before we get the results, and how long it will be before it is determined whether or not she is eligible for ESE services next year.  My first instinct is that they will study the results and agree with what I have been trying to tell them all along, that she will benefit from receiving additional services and will excel in a small, structured classroom setting.  But then there is the realist in me that remembers that we are dealing with a segment of the population that makes their own rules, regardless of federal laws, and has proven themselves to be both difficult and incompetent on several occasions.  When I remember that, I don’t get my hopes up at all.

As it stands now, we have made tremendous progess in our battle with the school district, but there is still more to be done.  No matter what they determine, I will be sure to be a thorn in their side because of what are unjust and unfair policies.  I do not plan on going away if we are able to successfully convince them that they dropped the ball big time.  I am also hopeful, but not optimistic, that the governor of Florida will sign into law HB 1329 that will open the door to McKay Scholarships to students on a 504 plan (the current scholarship rules require an IEP, which is more complex to have put into place).


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