Why I write

I was encouraged to start a blog by my friend Ryan shortly after we received Kaitlyn’s diagnosis.  And I dove right in, never really giving any thought as to why I was putting myself and our situation out there in the first place.

Am I writing for me?  For Kaitlyn?  For the people who read this?  The answer is yes to all.

I am writing for me as a way to express my views on autism and Asperger’s.  Writing has been theraputic, and has shown me that I am pretty outspoken and passionate about some things. 

For Kaityln, I hope that she looks at these at some point in the future and realizes how much we cared for her and fought for her.  My dad came up with the idea of printing the entries up and maybe compiling some sort of “book” to give to Kaitlyn, and I plan on doing that.

And for everyone that reads this, I hope I am giving you a glimpse into our lives.  Asperger’s does not define who we are, or who Kaitlyn is, it provides us an opportunity to be better people.  Somewhere along the journey of getting Kaitlyn’s diagnosis, starting this blog, and fighting with the school district, I learned that we are not alone.  Too many families are in the same or a similar battle with their district over services.

What started out as a blog about Kaitlyn and about us is morphing into something more.  In our experiences and from hearing from people who read this, I have learned that things have to change, and the only way to do so will be for parents and families to become fierce advocates for their children.  That is what I am becoming for Kaitlyn, and by extension, for other kids with autism.  I am not foolish enough to think I am going to change the world by my blogs, but I am stubborn enough to use these as a vehicle to get a message out in hopes that we can all work together to make changes for our children.  School districts will not listen to one voice, but they will be forced to listen to many voices.


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