And not in the Charlie Sheen way.

With all the media hype about the potential for today to be the Rapture, I almost have to believe it based on the news we received today.  In the mail today we had a letter from the school district.  When Amber told me about it while I was at work, I let her know that I was not expecting more rejection letters since last I knew, our appeal was in process waiting for Kaitlyn’s observation results this week.

Knowing full well that I had nothing to lose in opening the letter, it was pretty much the first thing I did when I walked in the door.  And then I read the letter, written personally to me be the superintendent.  All I could do when I read that he had approved our reassignment request was drop the letter on the counter in disbelief.  You see, good news is rare around here coming from the school district.  The last communication we had from them all but said that we did not stand a chance of having Kaitlyn reassigned.  So, you can understand that I had a brief scare that the Rapture was indeed today.  (Lucky for everybody, 6pm has come and gone in a good part of the world, and so far, so good).

The past few months have been extremely stressful around here with the constant battling with the school district.  Today’s news was very welcomed by us, and we are pleased to be sending Kaitlyn to a great school next year.  However, our joy is somewhat tempered knowing that today’s win is only part of the battle.  We still have Kaitlyn’s observation to determine services this week, so while we will have her at the school we want next year, we are not finished with the battles yet.

The scary part about the past few months, aside from the tremendous stress and strain it has provided us, is that we are still in the middle of the fight.  What is worse is that what we have been through is happening to a lot of families in our area, and I sadly doubt that many of them are willing to tirelessly fight for what is right for their child; too many families will just accept their denials and move on.  I don’t have that spirit in me.  Even if they determine Kaitlyn is eligible for services, I will still continue to fight.  My main fight has been all about Kaitlyn, but what I have learned during the process is that there will be no true victories until there is a significant change in policies at the school district to be more compassionate and understanding when dealing with families that have children with Asperger’s, autism, and other disabilities.

I am thankful to everybody that has supported us.  My biggest supporter without a doubt has been Amber, and I am thankful that she let me handle this my way.  We have had tremendous support from our families and from our friends.  My good friend Mike Beasley made a very important phone call on our behalf that I am fairly certain helped to speed up the process for us.

The battle continues…


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