Into and out of a rut

These past few weeks have been tough on Kaitlyn.  Not tough in the sense of her getting into trouble, but tough in the sense of always being on the go.  Our recent travels have proven to be tough on Kaitlyn and her routine.  We have thrown her way out of sync.

As a result, Kaitlyn has been in a bit of a rut or funk recently.  We know she does not intend to get away from her typical behavior, and we have to work harder to figure out the root of her incidents.  Those we can attribute to her routine being upset, we have been more lenient with.  The other times, not so much.

The break of her routine, coupled with the end of the school year and her knowing she will be at a new school next year (school to be determined still) has her a little worked up as well.  This summer is going to be a continual process of easing her into the change of scenery.

Our summer travels are not over yet, but I think we are back on track in getting her ready to go places by getting back to using our countdown board.

Looking forward to a fun and interesting summer.


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