Just like that, the season is over

It seems like just yesterday that Kait started the Miracle League baseball season.  And just like that, the season ended this week.  Now we have about a month off until the summer season…basketball.  That should be a lot of fun.  In the meantime, we still have the end of the season party coming up and a special trip to Dothan.

Kait had a great time in her first venture into “organized” sports.  She looked forward to putting on her Braves jersey each Thursday and hitting the field.  We looked forward to her having time to play with some great friends.  We are appreciative of the time all of the volunteers put in, especially Coach Mike.  Mike did a great job in interacting with all of the kids and in making sure they all had a great time.

At the final game this week, I almost got the sense that Kait knew the season was over.  Or maybe she was sluggish and moody because it was in the mid-90s at game time.  Whatever it was changed in an instant when the sprinklers came on again to cool us all off (great idea Ryan).  As soon as the water came on, it was tough to keep Kait and the other kids focused on playing, but they were really enjoying themselves.  It is a great sight to see the kids running wild through the sprinklers and playing in the puddles.

I am already excited about the upcoming basketball season, and I am pretty sure Kait is as well.  Our first taste of the Miracle League has left us all wanting more.


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