Still Amazing

Zev and Justin will not win the Amazing Race, but they sure gave an amazing effort in pusuit of the $1 million grand prize.  Zev and Justin are best friends that pushed each other through some difficult tasks in some great locations.

Why is this important?  Zev has Asperger’s.  He was not much of a social force either time they were on the Race, but he definitely brought awareness to viewers about Asperger’s.  But what he did was overcome so many of the obstacles that Asperger’s presents, and he did a great job at it.  Zev excelled at an art challenge, and joked that he was, “autistic and artistic,” in a classic line.  He faced sensory overload from horns and assorted livestock in India.  He was put into a number of situations in his two appearances that made him uncomfortable, and he made the best of each one.

Zev raced both times with a great and loyal friend in Justin.  Justin knows that Zev has areas where he struggles, and did his best to put him into situations where he would succeed, but also did not baby him because of his Asperger’s.  In their exit interview, Zev summed it up perfectly.  He said that Justin was “the Race, he was the Amazing.”  I could not have said it better.  The more I learn about Asperger’s and the more Kaitlyn teaches me, the more I see that she is also the amazing.

It is disappointing that Zev and Justin did not win the money, but it is great that their participation brought some awareness to the potential of those with Asperger’s.  Win or lose, Zev and Justin took fans on the show on an entertaining and amazing ride.


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