What’s not to like?

In recent weeks, I have come to have a better appreciation for Thursdays.  Bear with me and I will explain.

First, it is one day closer to the weekend, and Fridays at work can fly by because of being really busy.  And really, who doesn’t like weekends?

But the real reason Thursday has improved its standing to me is how it starts.  Kaitlyn wakes up very excited, not only to get to school, but for what happens after school.  Thursdays are game days for her.  She looks forward to getting out to the Miracle Field for her weekly baseball game with, as she puts it, her “sweet, new friends.”  It’s great for me, too, because I spend a solid hour with her playing my favorite sport.

I talked about the Miracle League a few weeks ago, and the impression it made on me.  But I will take a minute to rave about it a little more.  The League is run by some of the nicest and most dedicated people I have ever seen.  They always have a smile on their faces, and greet every player, parent, and volunteer that arrives as their best friend.  The players smile from ear to ear the whole game, and have been seen running the bases together during the game…that’s right, a player on defense will sometimes help the player on offense run the bases.  The spirit of teamwork at its finest.  The volunteer coaches are dedicated, amazing people, and our coach, Coach Mike, is great with the kids.  He does not mind when the kids play out of position or run around crazy, he just wants them to have fun.

So, I ask again, what’s not to like?


3 responses

  1. well said…well said! We love our new sweet friend Kaitlyn too!!

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