One of the aspects of the show Parenthood on NBC that I really appreciate is the depiction of how a family behaves.  Most shows on TV have an over-the-top representation of the family unit.

Parenthood, to me, shows what a family is for the most part.  The Bravermans are not perfect, and each has their own set of challenges they face.  Of course, there is some dramatic license taken to make the show more interesting, but the core of the show is family interactions.

Amber and I probably identify with Adam and Kristina, mostly because their son Max has Asperger’s, but also because we see a little of each other in their characters; Kristina is mostly soft-spoken, but is strong and can keep Adam in line, and Adam is sometimes irrational but has the best interests of his family in his heart. 

Prior to finding Parenthood, my family most closely resembled the Barones from Everybody Loves Raymond, and that still holds true for the most part, but we have some Braverman in us also.

My point here is that last night’s episode was, to me at least, what family is.  They are supportive no matter what.  For example, for several weeks now, Adam has been rightfully upset at Crosby for causing Max’s behavioral aide to quit.  Max had made tremendous progress with his social development and an error in judgement by Crosby caused Adam to be to the point where he wanted nothing to do with him.  While nothing as extreme as what the show depicted has happened in my family, I was reminded last night that family will always have your back no matter how bad you screw up.  At the end of the episode, Crosby had purchased a dump of a new house that needed a lot of work, and the Braverman clan was inspecting the house, and Adam showed up as well, despite his continued assurances to everybody that Crosby did not have his support.  Crosby posed the question to Adam, “do you think I can fix it up?”  Adam responded with a resounding “no,” but continued with “but we can.”  That one moment was very poignant to me because it reaffirmed what family is, and that a show can bring it to life. 

I am reminded daily what a great family I have, and I don’t say enough how thankful I am for it.  I boast on here all the time about Amber and Kaitlyn and will continue to do so, but I am also proud and moved that my brother always has my back, and I have his, and that my parents are supportive of me and continue to fight for me.  I am blessed to be part of a close family, whether it be in Florida or up in Pennsylvania, and I look forward to instilling in Kaitlyn what “family” is.


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