Light it up Blue on Opening Day

Today and tomorrow are very special days, and I hope that you will join me and tens of thousands of others as we Light It Up Blue for autism awareness.  Put on a light blue shirt, illuminate your house with blue lighting, anything to show your support of autism awareness.  Today also marks Opening Day for Autism Awareness Month (April).  You can show your support for autism awareness in a vareity of ways.  I will be wearing my autism awareness ribbon on my shirt all month, along with my autism bracelet on my wrist.  Stay tuned for other ways to support autism research.

Take the time this month to educate yourself on one of the most puzzling diagnoses a person can receive.  There are great resources out there thru a ton of books and websites.  Check out some of them that are listed below:

*The Best Kind of Different by Shonda Schilling

*The Way I See It by Dr. Temple Grandin

*Austism Speaks

*The Autism Society

*Light It Up Blue

Those are just a few of countless resources you can check out to learn more about autism.  1 in 110 children born today will be diagnosed with autism, and these children and their parents will be faced with a lifetime of challenges, and the more people that are educated about autism, the better chance those diagnosed will have every opportunity to achieve optimal success.


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  1. […] have written a lot about World Autism Awareness Day in past years (here, here, here, here, and here) both happily sharing our experiences and of places that have gone […]

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