All You Can Run…

Today was a big day for us.  Today was the Autism one mile fun run and 5K with the proceeds benefitting CARD at FSU.  CARD provides support and services to people with autism and their families, and we have already had the pleasure of going to them.  Once this run was on the calendar, I circled it for myself (the 5k) and then Kaitlyn wanted to run her first “marathon,” so we did the one mile run together.  We caught up with our friends the Spragues at the event, and met some nice new people as well.

The one mile run kicked off at 8:30, and I was just hoping that Kaitlyn would finish in time for me to relax for a minute before the 5k.  Kaitlyn exceeded my expectations by a long shot, and she finished just ahead of me in 9:36!  Her first race, and not only does she run the entire time, she beats her daddy to the finish line.  I have never been more proud or excited to finish behind anybody in anything.  The entire time we ran, Kaitlyn had a smile plastered on her face from ear-to-ear, and that just made my day.

Once everybody finished the mile race, it was time for the 5k, and I exceeded my expectations for what I was hoping for, setting a personal record in the process.  I guess Amber and Kaitlyn, along with most of the Spragues, did not think I would be finishing as quickly as I did, because they were happily playing in the bounce house when I crossed the finish line.  No worries though, Kaitlyn was enjoying herself and playing with some new friends.  After the event we all went to Steak and Shake for all you can eat pancakes (9 kids, 7 adults).

The turnout at the event was heart-warming as well.  The level of participation was high, even for Tallahassee.  I will say this about the running community here, if it appears on the Gulf Winds calendar, there will be people showing up.  I am proud to be a part of the running community in Tallahassee.  To see that many people run in support of autism awareness speaks to the character of the people in the community, and I hope this event continues to grow each year.

Please check out the following blogs for a recap of their day at the event: and

And check out the FSU CARD website at


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