Tonight was the first night of the Miracle League in Tallahassee.  It is a program provided by the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association, and promotes sports involvement for children and adults with disabilities.

We are proud to have Kaitlyn participating, and look forward to all the new friends she will make during the season.  There is no scoreboard, and outs are not recorded.  Everyone is just out to have a great time, and mission accomplished.  Kaitlyn is on the Braves, wearing #5, and she had a great time tonight.  She cheered for everybody on both teams and ran around as excited as can be.  There are a number of volunteers and buddies out on the field making sure the kids are safe and having a great time, and I am fortunate to be one!  Amber and I are thankful and grateful to be a part of the Miracle League, and to have Kaitlyn be a part of it as well.  I am looking forward to Thursday nights for the next few months, and I know the Miracle League will be a positive experience for us.


3 responses

  1. Of course she would be #5

  2. Maybe her #5 will produce some offense

  3. She is one of about 5 Number 5’s too! It’s a popular number out there 🙂

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