What causes people to fear?  Is it potential harm?  Is it being faced with something that you do not already know the answer or result?

I think fear can be all of those.  But fear can also stem from being forced to accept that maybe everything is not what you imagine it should be.

In the weeks since Kaitlyn’s diagnosis, most of those close to us have been very supportive and positive.  We have heard encouraging words from people, and gotten wonderful advice from people as well.  And we are thankful.

We have also had people express condolences to us as if being diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s is the end of the world.  These people are more uninformed and uneducated than they should be.  They generally just don’t want to take the time to learn about these topics.

Then there are those that seem to not want to accept what the reality is.  They seem to believe that accepting her diagnosis will mean lessening her somehow.  Instead, they want to ignore reality to keep a vision of what they want Kaitlyn to be.  They fear.  These people also choose not to understand that Asperger’s does not go away, and also presents a myriad of challenges for not only Kaitlyn, but also Amber and I. 


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