With such a wide selection of “reality” and game shows to watch, one that has really kept our interest at home has been “The Amazing Race” on CBS.  I guess maybe there is something about watching people travel to exotic locales that keeps us watching.

In recent seasons, however, it has been more than the destinations that have kept us watching.  In the last few seasons alone, including this one, it has been the presence of teams that have a person with a disability on it that has been the best part.

To start, there is the mother/son team of Margie and Luke…Luke is deaf and mute, and his mom signs everything to him.  In their original season, they made it to finals and finished third, and it was Luke’s perserverance and Margie’s compassion that got them there.  Sure, there were some ignorant teams that made fun of Luke, but there were also some that bonded well with him.  It is those teams that I commend, and wonder how those who poked fun sleep at night.

Then there is the team of Zev and Justin, best friends.  They poke fun at each other and press each other to be better.  And, Zev has Aperger’s.  To see an aspie excel at the competition warms my heart, and I will admit he keeps me entertained…Zev says what is on his mind without concern for the situation, a mark of an aspie.  During last night’s episode, they had to choose between two tasks, with one of them being more artsy.  They chose the artsy one because, as Justin said, “Zev is more artistic.”  Zev’s response had me rolling, and was said with the straightest face, “artistic and autistuc!”

So “The Amazing Race” is no longer amazing based solely off the locations they visit, but also because of the amazing people that are enjoying a high level of success!


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